Where to buy Stem Cells wholesale?

Doctors can buy stem cells from FDA registered tissue labs in the United States. 


Who can buy stem cells wholesale?

Doctors, MD’s, DO’s, in some states DC’s and Naturopathic doctors can buy stem cells wholesale from FDA registered tissue labs.


Do I need a nitrogen freezer for my stem cells?

Stem cells are frozen to -81 degrees, shipped on dry ice and will require a veto freezer or a freezer that keeps product stable with temp tires of -60 to -81 unless your practice is going to order real time for early morning delivery for procedures done that day.

How many cells qualify for wholesale pricing?

The six tissue labs polled at a recent industry and regenerative medicine event stayed between 10-20 giles for your first bulk order.


Average Stem Cell Prices in the US?

12.5 Million Live Cells – $3500

25 Million Live Cells – $5900

50 Million Live Cells – $9500


Most important things to remember to ensure highest viability.

  • Make sure your tissue lab freezes to -81
  • Make sure you keep tempture stable during shipping on dry ice or other shipping containers designed for temp control.
  • Make sure to use products with-in 40 min from dethawing.

Best Stem cell training for doctors and providers.

There are several options to learn the protocols and leverage years of peer experience to help you get stem cells incorporated into your current practice including video training, 1-on-1 peer training, in clinic training or traveling to a training facility .


Top 10 things you need to consider before starting a stem cell practice.

  • Best FDA registered labs to purchase stem cells.
  • Protocols
  • Regulations
  • Added patient forms
  • Stem cell Marketing options
  • Where, when, how and by whom to get trained.
  • Conditions and disease currently being treated, under IRB or in phase 2 or 3 of trials?
  •  Competition in your area?
  • Business practice and training?
  • Technology Needed to operate a successful stem cell practice?
  • Where to turn for stem cell legal advice?
  • Choosing between the labs and products?
  • What does it cost to start a stem cell practice?
  • How to create local patient seminars?
  • Stem Cell ad agencies?


Stem cell seminars for doctors?

As one of the industry leaders our team attends, speaks and trains at several stem cell doctor seminars a year where we share knowledge and best practices.

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Request white papers for starting a stem cell practice email jeff . Cline @ me.com